Five Corners Real Estate
Five Corners Real Estate

About Five Corners Real Estate

Not familiar with the Five Corners name? We’re not surprised. We’ve been working hard and keeping our noses to the grindstone. Our real estate agents aren’t big on throwing around a bunch of cheesy promotional items with their faces plastered on them. We tend to blow our marketing budget on our clients instead of ourselves. Our real estate agents are different that way.

We have an industry-leading 2012 customer satisfaction rating of 96%*. Our real estate brokers and agents are Preferred Partners of our sister company, Brookfield Global Relocation Services, the second largest global relocation services firm in the world, managing over 85,000 relocations annually. We were also invited to join the international MLS.

About Five Corners Real Estate Agents

Meet with a Five Corners real estate agent. Usually our real estate agents aren’t what you expect, but we are what you want. Our agents seem a little more approachable. We’re smart and professional. We’re down to earth. We’re a lot like you. In the end, we want the same things you do when it comes to buying or selling your home. Our real estate agents don’t want to sell you any house, but rather your perfect home. We want you to move on too, which means selling your home quickly at the best price. It’s truly a full-time job.

Five Corners agents aren’t part-time or “when we’re bored or need a little extra spending cash” real estate agents. We’re full-time, all-year-long, this-is-our-career type agents. Sure, we like long lunches just as much as anyone else, but our schedules rarely allow for them. That’s okay because we love our jobs.

Yes, our agents live on their cell phones, but we know when to put them away too. You deserve our full attention. We understand that waiting around for an offer or feedback seems like an eternity when you’re buying or selling a house. Yes we’re busy, but our agents are never too busy to keep you informed and answer your questions.

You’ll enjoy working with a Five Corners agent. We seem to click with buyers and sellers. Our clients know we’re like that best friend who they count on to tell them the truth, not just what they want to hear. The person they turn to for honest advice. The one who has your best interest at heart.

*Based on research conducted by a third party, independent research firm.